8 Reasons To Purchase from a Car Dealer's Top Salesperson


I loved that Jonathan helped me get so much done before arriving at the dealership. He made the process so easy! I visited 2 dealerships before this one, and couldn't get someone to help me get the deal done before arriving at the dealership. He went above and beyond anything I would have expected, and even allowed me to pick out key covers on his own dime. That's such a nice touch! He was so honest throughout the whole process and made me feel like I was more than just a customer who would fill his sales needs/quotas or whatever it may be called. He made the car buying experience easy to understand and not a all intimidating, which was what I was expecting. Huge thanks to Jonathan, and I hope that others learn from his honesty and professionalism.



Jonathan Cobb is an excellent sales person, extremely personable and professional



Jonathan made me feel like I was an old friend coming to buy a car. Jonathan kept close communications with me till my car was delivered. I would definitely return to Modern Nissan to buy another car.



Love my Nissan cargo van! I recommend everyone go talk to Jonathan for a new Nissan he made it easy and hassle free! Thanks Jonathan Cobb.



Extremely friendly and helpful. Low key sales model. Didn't jump on me trying to sell right off the bat, just asked if he could help in any way.



Extremely supportive. Love the help and energy.




Characteristic most top salesmen share is an easygoing, friendly manner. The top sellers will often be the perfect combination of friendly salesperson and active listener. If other car shoppers like him enough to refer friends and family, there is a good chance you'll like him too.



Maybe you want a vehicle that isn't readily available. Could be color, make, model, etc. Top salespeople will keep up the search until the suitable vehicle is found. Could be days or even months. Having someone persistent can pay off big time for a buyer who is dead set on a certain vehicle.



Simple truth about sale: sometimes customers need to be nudged into making a purchase decision. Doesn't mean it's a shady sales tactic or aggressive. Having a good reason for doing business now can be all that's needed. Top sellers know they have to push management too. 



Shoppers don't always say exactly what they are feeling. A perceptive salesperson can read clues on a shopper's excitement level. He also will tailor his presentation to best fit the individual shopper's interests and needs.


Phone Savvy

Knowing when to call and when to pull back. Top salespeople know the perfect balance. When you deal with a top salesperson and don't buy immediately, expect a follow-up call to make sure all is well, and any questions or concerns are handled. He will also keep in contact with you after the deal is done. This is to answer any questions the new owners may have and to make sure the new car is performing as intended.


Presentation Skills

Top sellers don't skimp on demonstrations. Even customers who have done tons of research can still be wowed by features in a new car, especially if the salesperson doing the demo knows what they are and how to explain them. Demonstrations are more important now than ever because of infotainment systems and new in-vehicle technology.



Top salesperson will respond to voicemail, e-mail and texts quickly. In other words, top salespeople don't leave their customers hanging.



Selling vehicles can be difficult, frustrating and tiring. Even all three on the same day. Customers aren't always polite. Managers aren't always helpful. Co-workers aren't always friendly. Combine those with other personal issues means life as a car salesperson can be tough. The best salespeople try to provide a comfortable, easy experience for the buyer, even when they're feeling down in the dumps.


Jonathan directed me to the truck that was a balance of my requirements and my spouses ability. He focused on my needs and made the purchase process the best and quickest that I have experienced since my first vehicle in 1964



Jonathan Cobb was very professional and I felt like family purchasing my car from him. There was no pressure to buy the car. The color I wanted was at the Lake Norman location and due to time crunch rather than wait on the delivery, he went and picked it up himself! Went over and beyond to get what I wanted and in the time I needed it.



Jonathan was very easy to work with, easy to text and work into my schedule. He was very knowledgeable about the car and helped with the process.



Jonathan Cobb was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. He made me feel extremely comfortable, like I was part of the family.



Especially like the friendly and humorous nature of the salesperson.