Why Buy a Nissan Commercial Vehicle?

Modern Nissan of Concord Has the Answer

Interested in exploring the reasons why a Nissan Commercial Vehicle may be of interest to both you and your business? Here at Modern Nissan of Concord, we recommend new Nissan Cargo Vans, Passenger Vans and Trucks for their versatile presentation of capability, durability and utility. But the vehicles themselves are just a starting point.

Myself and my team are here to help you optimize your organization's efforts on the move, getting more out of the money you spend and experiencing improved productivity as a result. Review these management, financing and technology resources with a comprehensive overview below.

Nissan Commercial Lending

We offer cost-effective options to equip your business with Nissan Commercial vehicles that have value baked in. From open-end TRAC leases to detailed delivery of finance terms, we emphasize transparency and efficiency to get your business the vehicles you need, when you need them.

Managing your Nissan Commercial Fleet

Once the financing is taken care of, we don't just go away. Here to serve as your trusted advisor in all things Nissan Commercial management, help you maximize business initiatives through defined roles, outlined strategies and a comprehensive analysis of your current operations. These insights provide context and help you get the most out of the Nissan Commercial Lineup you depend upon on the job every day.

My Role in your Success

From the latest in technology to invaluable expertise, my team helps you bring Nissan Commercial success to the next level. Contact me today to discuss the specifics behind these practices, new Nissan Commercial models available, and other business considerations you may factor in.


Jonathan Cobb

Commercial and Fleet Manager

Phone: 704-674-5728

Email: jcobb@modernauto.com

Hey, my name is Jonathan Cobb. I am the Nissan Commercial and Fleet Manager at Modern Nissan of Concord. With a focus on Mobility, Operational Excellence, Value to our Customers and the Electrification of vehicles, you can expect to be part of something exciting. From the sleek design of our vehicles to the unique opportunities we offer around the globe, Nissan exemplifies ingenuity in everything we do. We have the lowest cost of ownership and America's longest Commercial Truck and Van Warranty (5yr/100k bumper to bumper). Joined with the reputation for reliability, finance options and Incentive Programs, we make a perfect partnership for you and your business. Please call or email me for more information. Hope to hear from you soon.

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